Lucy Normile

Lucy Normile
October 29, 2019 Admin

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Lucy and the team have been training racehorses from the tranquil surroundings of Duncrievie, Glenfarg and have gradually built up a smart, efficient and friendly racing yard. As the seasons have progressed, so have their facilities and they are constantly improving the quality of horses in the yard.


  1. What is your favourite Scottish racecourse and why?

Perth – spent many happy days there – no better place to have a winner!


  1. What would be your ultimate racing ambition?

Obviously to win lots of the ‘big’ races but just to know that all our horses have shown their full potential – that’s important to us.


  1. Is there a race you would really like to win?

Probably any one at one of the big festivals but also either my Dads or Husbands memorial races at Perth, which seem to be harder!


  1. What interests do you have outside horses and racing?

Travelling, walking, watching the children play rugby or ride their ponies, eating and drinking and when time allows, jigsaws too.


  1. Which is your favourite racehorse you have trained and why?

Not sure I have a real favourite, there have been lots, but Remember Rocky, who is still winning on the flat age ten, gave us our first flat winner and would be the ultimate professional horse and cool dude, he’s very special.


  1. Who is your racing hero?

The late Gordon Richards.


  1. When did you first start training racehorses and what made you decide to be a trainer?

Seems like ages ago – I married an Irish man who didn’t want to train in Ireland, so we started in Scotland.


  1. What is the best part of being a trainer?

Seeing horses progress and grow from youngsters into full mature horses and being with them every step of the way, watching them learn to gallop, jump and race and being there when it all comes together, that’s magical.


  1. What is the best advice you have been given?

If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. Nothing beats patience.


  1. What is your first racing memory?

Watching Ron Barry and Jonjo O’Neil racing at Ayr and I had a bunch of daffodils for both.


  1. Your biggest achievement in racing?

To get horses to win races when others have written them off, many times.


  1. Why do you love racing?

It’s a thrill you just can’t bottle.




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